Selected clips:


DNA Dragnet: In Some Cities, Police Go From Stop-and-Frisk to Stop-and-Spit
ProPublica, 9/12/16

Machine Bias: There’s software used across the country to predict future criminals. And it’s biased against blacks.*
ProPublica (with Julia Angwin, Jeff Larson and Surya Mattu), 5/23/16
*The “Machine Bias” series was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting in 2017

Remembering the Drug Court Revolution
Pacific Standard, 4/25/14

A Truly Fateful Night: Flonarza Byas was an unlucky man*
The Uptown Chronicle, 1/22/10
*This story won Columbia Journalism School’s Louis Winnick Prize in 2010


A Mission to Cover Up the (Lightly) Radioactive Legacy of Ridgewood
Capital New York, 11/14/12

Environmental Justice for Prisoners
Pacific Standard, 7/30/15

Killing the Colorado: Explore the Robot River*
ProPublica (with Abrahm Lustgarten, Al Shaw, Jeff Larson, Amanda Zamora and John Grimwade), 5/26/15

Killing the Colorado: What You Need to Know About the Water Crisis in the West*
ProPublica (with Abrahm Lustgarten, David Sleight and Amanda Zamora), 5/27/15
*The “Killing the Colorado” series was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting in 2016


Minority Neighborhoods Pay Higher Car Insurance Premiums Than White Areas With the Same Risk
ProPublica (with Julia Angwin, Jeff Larson and Surya Mattu), 4/5/17

Postage Due: The USPS is running out of money. Where does that leave magazines?
Columbia Journalism Review, May/June 2012

John Paton’s Big Bet: Will ‘Digital First’ bring home the bacon?
Columbia Journalism Review, July/August 2011

AOL Settled with Unpaid “Volunteers” for $15 Million: Why the HuffPost bloggers won’t be so lucky *
Columbia Journalism Review, 2/10/11
*This story was a Mirror Award finalist in 2012


How to Ditch Photo Metadata
Columbia Journalism Review, 12/5/13

Old Law, New Tricks: Can we modernize the Electronic Communications Privacy Act?
Columbia Journalism Review, November/December 2013

Why Journalists Can Still Trust Tor
Columbia Journalism Review, 10/8/13


Self-Regulation Done Right: How Scandinavia’s press councils keep the media accountable
Columbia Journalism Review, 4/24/12

DART: The Portland Press Herald blurred an important line with its donation of ads during an election
Columbia Journalism Review, March/April 2011

LAUREL: A Texas Monthly reporter and an intrepid attorney worked to free an innocent man
Columbia Journalism Review, January/February 2011


Making of a Modernist: Djuna Barnes’ newspaper days on display at the Brooklyn Museum of Art 
Capital New York, 2/13/12

When Bad Journalism Kills: An essay on Absence of Malice
Columbia Journalism Review, 7/15/11

Anatomy of a Journalist: Janet Malcolm’s Iphigenia in Forest Hills
Columbia Journalism Review, 4/13/11


Stock Up Now Before It’s Too Late: Should you buy a year’s supply of freeze-dried food?
Slate, 12/3/12

Farting Puppets: The Terrific, Bizarre World of Danish Kids’ TV
The Awl, 3/22/12

Occupy Scandinavia’s Long Winter
The Awl, 1/18/12