Selected clips:


DNA Dragnet: In Some Cities, Police Go From Stop-and-Frisk to Stop-and-Spit
ProPublica, 9/12/16

Machine Bias: There’s software used across the country to predict future criminals. And it’s biased against blacks.
ProPublica (with Julia Angwin, Jeff Larson and Surya Mattu), 5/23/16

Remembering the Drug Court Revolution
Pacific Standard, 4/25/14

A Truly Fateful Night: Flonarza Byas was an unlucky man*
The Uptown Chronicle, 1/22/10
*This story won Columbia Journalism School’s Louis Winnick Prize in 2010


A Mission to Cover Up the (Lightly) Radioactive Legacy of Ridgewood
Capital New York, 11/14/12

Environmental Justice for Prisoners
Pacific Standard, 7/30/15

Killing the Colorado: Explore the Robot River*
ProPublica (with Abrahm Lustgarten, Al Shaw, Jeff Larson, Amanda Zamora and John Grimwade), 5/26/15

Killing the Colorado: What You Need to Know About the Water Crisis in the West*
ProPublica (with Abrahm Lustgarten, David Sleight and Amanda Zamora), 5/27/15
*The “Killing the Colorado” series was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2016


Postage Due: The USPS is running out of money. Where does that leave magazines?
Columbia Journalism Review, May/June 2012

John Paton’s Big Bet: Will ‘Digital First’ bring home the bacon?
Columbia Journalism Review, July/August 2011

AOL Settled with Unpaid “Volunteers” for $15 Million: Why the HuffPost bloggers won’t be so lucky *
Columbia Journalism Review, 2/10/11
*This story was a Mirror Award finalist in 2012


How to Ditch Photo Metadata
Columbia Journalism Review, 12/5/13

Old Law, New Tricks: Can we modernize the Electronic Communications Privacy Act?
Columbia Journalism Review, November/December 2013

Why Journalists Can Still Trust Tor
Columbia Journalism Review, 10/8/13


Self-Regulation Done Right: How Scandinavia’s press councils keep the media accountable
Columbia Journalism Review, 4/24/12

DART: The Portland Press Herald blurred an important line with its donation of ads during an election
Columbia Journalism Review, March/April 2011

LAUREL: A Texas Monthly reporter and an intrepid attorney worked to free an innocent man
Columbia Journalism Review, January/February 2011


Making of a Modernist: Djuna Barnes’ newspaper days on display at the Brooklyn Museum of Art 
Capital New York, 2/13/12

When Bad Journalism Kills: An essay on Absence of Malice
Columbia Journalism Review, 7/15/11

Anatomy of a Journalist: Janet Malcolm’s Iphigenia in Forest Hills
Columbia Journalism Review, 4/13/11


Stock Up Now Before It’s Too Late: Should you buy a year’s supply of freeze-dried food?
Slate, 12/3/12

Farting Puppets: The Terrific, Bizarre World of Danish Kids’ TV
The Awl, 3/22/12

Occupy Scandinavia’s Long Winter
The Awl, 1/18/12